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Explore cases of environmental harm in Ukraine

CEOBS has been remotely tracking and assessing environmentally-relevant incidents in Ukraine since February 2022. We share our data with relevant stakeholders, it informs our research and advocacy activities, and it is our hope that the dataset will also contribute to Ukraine’s green recovery. We’ve now used it to create an interactive map.

Two Abrams tanks on a firing range fire producing large bursts of flame during a NATO exercise in 2024.

National climate action plans must include military emissions

COP28 agreed that countries must submit new NDCs by February 2025. These national plans for climate action are important but at present military emissions are largely absent from them. As Linsey Cottrell finds, failing to include them this year could delay their inclusion until 2030.

The environmental risks from a critical minerals rush in Ukraine

Since February 2022, Ukraine has sought to attract international investment and political partnerships by licensing deposits of critical minerals. In this analysis, Iryna Babanina and Rob Watson examine how the demands of the conflict, economy and recovery are exacerbating the threats that their exploitation could pose for Ukraine’s environment.