Commentary: Who cares about the environment in war?

CEOBS and the PAX Environment, Peace, and Security Project jointly received 2023’s Al-Moumin Award from the Environmental Peacebuilding Association. Accepting the award on CEOBS’ behalf, Doug Weir discusses how CEOBS works to challenge the status of the environment as a silent victim in conflicts.

Reflections on the UK Defence and Climate Change report

A RAF Typhoon takes part in air defence training over the Baltic region in May 2022. The RAF has set an ambitious target to reach net-zero by 2040, but there are no consistent milestone or targets across other UK Commands. (Credit: NATO) The UK House of Commons Defence Committee has released the Defence and Climate…

The IPCC’S missing military emissions

The IPCC’s failure to mention military or conflict emissions in its recent synthesis report points to a deeper problem. Ellie Kinney explains why solving it will require a concerted effort from states, researchers and civil society.