Environmental governance in frozen conflicts

When wars end without clear resolution, conflicts can become frozen. In this post, Clayton Payne examines how the frozen conflicts affecting Georgia’s breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have influenced their environment, and how it is managed.

Wetland dynamics and conflict in the Sudd

Climate change can drive variation in the availability of natural resources, so Charlotta Ruuskanen looked at whether annual changes in the area of the Sudd wetland in South Sudan influenced the intensity of conflict between pastoralist communities.

Libyan offshore oil spill worse than claimed

In this post Dr Eoghan Darbyshire uses satellite imagery to examine claims made by the Libyan National Oil Corporation than an offshore oil spill has been controlled. What he finds underscores the importance of independent scrutiny of the oil industry in insecure and conflict settings.

Tree planting as resistance in Palestine

In this guest post, Elle Ambler of the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature explores the impact of the Israeli occupation on agriculture and food security, and the role that tree planting can play as an act of resistance.