Military and the environment

In spite of growing awareness among militaries of the need to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, whether domestically, during peacekeeping operations or during wartime, the environmental bootprint of military operations remains considerable. Of particular concern are greenhouse gas emissions, the legacy issues associated with military installations, as well as the exemptions from environmental oversight that militaries often enjoy. Read the military and the environment briefing.



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Reading through the new @DeptofDefense report on climate change risks. It looks pretty serious. Which is why it's strange that at no point does it mention how reducing their #military emissions could help address these risks #COP26

Desperately seeking any mention of the massive #military emissions from @DefenceHQ in the UK government's new #NetZero strategy. DMs are open if anybody else finds them:

The MoD is the largest institutional emitter in government. #COP26

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