The humanitarian impact of the conflict in Yemen has been exacerbated by scarce water resources, weak governance and poor infrastructure – all of which have been further degraded by the conflict. The conflict has had a huge impact on Yemen’s weak agricultural sector leading to severe food insecurity, and impacted projects aiming to protect its remaining biodiverse areas.


Country brief: Yemen

A brief introductory overview of the environmental dimensions of the conflict in Yemen, with facts, figures and further reading.


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Cholera epidemic in #Yemen, 2016–18: an analysis of surveillance data This new study addressed the impact of the conflict on #water availability and infrastructure, as well as remote rainfall data to determine the causes of the recent #cholera epidemics.

Cholera epidemic in Yemen, 2016–18: an analysis of surveillance data

Our analysis suggests that the small first cholera epidemic wave seeded cholera across Yemen during the dry season. When the rains returned in April, ...

Is an ageing #oil tanker threatening an environmental disaster off the coast of #Yemen ? We investigate the threat posed by the SAFER FSO, oil pollution in the conflict and the options for tackling the problem.

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