The humanitarian impact of the conflict in Yemen has been exacerbated by scarce water resources, weak governance and poor infrastructure – all of which have been further degraded by the conflict. The conflict has had a huge impact on Yemen’s weak agricultural sector leading to severe food insecurity, and impacted projects aiming to protect its remaining biodiverse areas.


Country brief: Yemen

A brief introductory overview of the environmental dimensions of the conflict in Yemen, with facts, figures and further reading.


Twitter: #Yemen

The #UNSC will meet next week to discuss the SAFER FSO tanker moored off #Yemen - a significant development. Creativity is needed from @UKUN_NewYork and others to find a face-saving solution acceptable to all; the Houthis sound sceptical #SalvageTheSAFER

Fish Wealth Minister: British Move in Security Council Regarding Safer Tanker Political, Indifferent

Fish Wealth Minister Muhammad Al-Zubayri described the British move in the UN Security Council and its invitation to a meeting on Safer floating oil t...

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