The humanitarian impact of the conflict in Yemen has been exacerbated by scarce water resources, weak governance and poor infrastructure – all of which have been further degraded by the conflict. The conflict has had a huge impact on Yemen’s weak agricultural sector leading to severe food insecurity, and impacted projects aiming to protect its remaining biodiverse areas. Read the Yemen briefing.



There’s no military solution to Yemen’s SAFER oil tanker crisis

There are calls for the UN Security Council to authorise a military-backed response to the crisis over the SAFER oil tanker off the coast of Yemen. We argue that not only is this unrealistic, it would also have long-term consequences for how the international community addresses the environment, peace and security.

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Great to join @thehorsman @GreenpeaceAR @UltareConsult @holmakhdar for an @EnvPeacebuild and @WYPW_PMJE session on the FSO SAFER oil tanker crisis just now. We updated our timeline of political events to help track how the crisis has developed. #Yemen

Latest @planet imagery suggests oiling of beaches around #Aden #Yemen after a small oil tanker sank this weekend may continue due to the volume of oil still at sea. The vessel is owned by prominent oil dealer and Southern National Coalition President Ahmed Saleh Al-Essi @asaesai

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