Decades of conflict have caused serious and widespread land and resource degradation. This has been driven by unsustainable management practices and is now being exacerbated further by climate change. Afghanistan faces a range of issues including remnants of war, water and resource conflicts and corruption, while long-term efforts to rebuild environmental governance and address degradation are being hampered by its ongoing insecurity.



The slow violence of pollution in Afghanistan

Pollution is killing more people in Afghanistan each year than armed violence. While efforts have been made to build environmental governance since 2003, addressing the health and environmental threats posed by pollution in the face of insecurity, high levels of corruption and with limited financial resources remains an enormous challenge.

ISAF’s environmental legacy in Afghanistan requires greater scrutiny

NATO’s presence in Afghanistan included 1200 properties, from major airbases to small forward operating bases. Environmental oversight was mixed and the Afghan national authorities had limited capacity for investigating contamination or other forms of damage. Furthermore, the bilateral agreements between Afghanistan and major NATO contributing nations provided very limited scope for environmental redress.

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The conflict in #Afghanistan has caused & led to serious environmental harm. The government has green policies but its money is focused on fighting the Taliban, who are positive about environmental protection. Can the environment help end the conflict?

Can Greening Afghanistan Help End the War?

by Austin Bodetti A solution to the war in Afghanistan has eluded American presidents of both political parties as well as generations of Afghan polic...

“If you're not managing the natural resources well in #Afghanistan, you are undermining the very national security and human security of the people,” says @conservationx's @lemurwrangler

The response to the drought in #Afghanistan has been too slow but even when it wanes, land degradation and the overuse of resources that have been driven by its conflict will mean that vulnerability will persist, with the added pressure of climate change.

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