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NATO won’t say how it will count its carbon emissions

It looks like NATO has pledged to reduce its institutional emissions but won’t publish the methodology it will use to count them. Doug Weir argues that this lack of transparency underscores the importance of military emissions instead being addressed by the UNFCCC.

See also this interview with Kali Rubaii of Purdue University, who also shared some similar insights recently on NPR

Great news for the US Veterans exposed to toxic burn pit emissions.

Thanks to @johnismay for letting us highlight that local civilians were also exposed to burn pit smoke, and likely for a longer duration - helping them seek justice should be next #Iraq #Afghanistan #Syria

The New York Times @nytimes

President Biden signed a bill on Wednesday expanding medical benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. What are they, and how did they harm U.S. troops? Here's what to know.