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Since 2009, there has been renewed international interest in efforts to enhance the weak legal framework intended to protect the environment in relation to armed conflicts (PERAC). The topic is currently under consideration by the UN’s International Law Commission, it is being addressed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, and has also been the feature of resolutions at the UN Environment Assembly. Meanwhile, wider questions around environmental security are increasingly on the agenda of the UN Security Council.


Topic brief: Law and policy

A brief overview of international legal and policy initiatives relating to conflict and the environment, with timeline and further suggested reading.


How should the environment be protected in situations of occupation?

The latest report by the International Law Commission in its ongoing study into the protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts deals with environmental protection in situations of occupation. This blog looks at the new draft principles, their basis and argues that they should be strengthened.

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Registration open to attend Sep's ad hoc working group that will decide on whether to take forward work towards a #GlobalPact for the environment next year Suspect that it will and its proposed principle on #PERAC will need preserving. #intlaw

Ad Hoc Open-Ended Working Group Established by GA Resolution 72/277 (05-7 September 2018)

Organizational Session In accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution 72/277 of 10 May 2018, entitled “Towards the Global Pact for the ...

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