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Since 2009, there has been renewed international interest in efforts to enhance the weak legal framework intended to protect the environment in relation to armed conflicts (PERAC). The topic is currently under consideration by the UN’s International Law Commission, it is being addressed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, and has also been the feature of resolutions at the UN Environment Assembly. Meanwhile, wider questions around environmental security are increasingly on the agenda of the UN Security Council.



Geodiversity also needs protection during armed conflicts

Geodiversity provides the habitat upon which biodiversity is dependant, and it often also underpins the livelihoods of those living in conflict zones. In this blog, Dr Kevin Kiernan argues that we need to do more to protect it before, during and after conflicts.

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Looking for some weekend reading? Why not my new article in @GoJIL13 on corporate accountability, armed conflict, and protection of the environment? And here is a thread to give you a taste of what the article contains... #PERAC #corporateaccountability

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