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Since 2009, there has been renewed international interest in efforts to enhance the weak legal framework intended to protect the environment in relation to armed conflicts (PERAC). The topic is currently under consideration by the UN’s International Law Commission, it is being addressed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, and has also been the feature of resolutions at the UN Environment Assembly. Meanwhile, wider questions around environmental security are increasingly on the agenda of the UN Security Council.


Topic brief: Law and policy

A brief overview of international legal and policy initiatives relating to conflict and the environment, with timeline and further suggested reading.


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Interview with Amb. Marja Lehto of @Ulkoministerio #Finland by @kosonenhenna on her role as special rapporteur for the International Law Commission's study on the Protection of the #environment in relation to armed conflicts #PERAC #intlaw

Ambassador Marja Lehto promotes environmental protection in armed conflicts at the UN - Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Armed conflicts can cause major damage to the environment: Oil wells have been set on fire in Kuwait, factories...

Really exciting to see 2020's @IUCN Congress addressing the impact of conflicts on #biodiversity. Looking forward to supporting conservationists engaging with the legal framework protecting the environment in relation to armed conflicts #PERAC

We welcomed @franceonu's statement in the recent #UNSC Arria formula meeting on the #environment, peace and security, and you can now read it in full here: but we were also hoping for some clarity on @francediplo's policy on #PERAC #intlaw

Protecting the environment must also be a priority in times of war

The protection of the environment in time of war requires the full investment of all because reconstruction and restoring lasting peace depend on it.

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