Occupied Palestinian Territories

A dense population and recurring conflicts have placed the Gaza Strip’s environment under considerable pressure, damaging critical infrastructure and generating debris. Environmental governance in both Gaza and the West Bank has been made more complex by the occupation, which has compounded and often actively worsened issues such as water scarcity, pollution, land degradation and waste management.



Twitter: #Gaza / #OPT

Profoundly depressing to see the use of protected areas as a tool of occupation in the #WestBank. "Israel has 96 nature reserves and 14 national parks in the West Bank, despite it being a violation of international law." #opt #PERAC

Palestinians to lodge UN complaint after Israel announces new nature…

Israel has announced that it will open seven new nature reserves in the occupied West Bank, the first time it has made such a move in 25 years. The co...


Palestinian #environmental NGOs used Nov 29 to highlight how the Israeli occupation is making them more vulnerable to #ClimateChange by denying them their right to manage their land and resources #OPT #COP25Madrid

Palestine is a climate justice issue

The fight for climate justice for all is directly connected to the Palestinian struggle.


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