Occupied Palestinian Territories

A dense population and recurring conflicts have placed the Gaza Strip’s environment under considerable pressure, damaging critical infrastructure and generating debris. Environmental governance in both Gaza and the West Bank has been made more complex by the occupation, which has compounded and often actively worsened issues such as water scarcity, pollution, land degradation and waste management.



Rebuilding Gaza and the need to assess TRW risks

The widespread damage to urban areas in the latest conflict in Gaza has generated a range of toxic remnants of war, from debris, to sewage and water contamination to the residues of weapons, there is a pressing need for an environmental assessment in the affected areas.

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A new #Gaza wastewater plant has been completed https://t.co/f9MyNbH6Ha in the face of years of blockade, restrictions on the entry of critical equipment, and infrastructure damage from war. It will however require a dedicated power line from Israel to function reliably.

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