Occupied Palestinian Territories

A dense population and recurring conflicts have placed the Gaza Strip’s environment under considerable pressure, damaging critical infrastructure and generating debris. Environmental governance in both Gaza and the West Bank has been made more complex by the occupation, which has compounded and often actively worsened issues such as water scarcity, pollution, land degradation and waste management.



Twitter: #Gaza / #OPT

Palestinian #environmental NGOs used Nov 29 to highlight how the Israeli occupation is making them more vulnerable to #ClimateChange by denying them their right to manage their land and resources #OPT #COP25Madrid

Palestine is a climate justice issue

The fight for climate justice for all is directly connected to the Palestinian struggle.


🌴🐟35% of Gaza’s farmland and 85% of its fishing waters are totally or partially inaccessible due to Israeli military measures.
🌊50-80m litres of untreated sewage are dumped in the sea each day.
💧90%+ of the water from the #Gaza aquifer is undrinkable.

Humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip Fast facts - OCHA factsheet - Question of Palestine

Fast Facts The population of Gaza is 1.6 million, with over 50% under 18. 38% of Gazans live in poverty. 26% of the Gazan workforce, inclu...


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