Occupied Palestinian Territories

A dense population and recurring conflicts have placed the Gaza Strip’s environment under considerable pressure, damaging critical infrastructure and generating debris. Environmental governance in both Gaza and the West Bank has been made more complex by the occupation, which has compounded and often actively worsened issues such as water scarcity, pollution, land degradation and waste management.



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A new report from @EcoPeaceME argues that the environmental conditions in #Gaza are increasingly posing a threat to the security of Israel, affecting its groundwater, seawater, beaches and desalination plants, as well as harming Gazans' health:

Collapsing environmental state of Gaza poses threat to Israel's national security, report warns



Promising initiative from @UNHABITAT @CH_Environment and @WorldGBC seeks to develop plans for mainstreaming environmental sustainability and climate in reconstruction planning in #Iraq #OPT #Libya and #Syria #BuildBackGreener

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