Since 2014, conflict in Ukraine’s industrialised eastern Donbas region created a risk of environmental emergencies and will leave a lasting legacy of groundwater contamination from flooded coal mines. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, hundreds of environmentally sensitive sites have been caught up in the conflict, these include industrial and military facilities; nuclear, hydro and fossil fuel energy generating sites; water and sanitation infrastructure and ecologically sensitive natural areas. Read our dedicated joint briefings on nuclear sites, water, industry, fossil fuel facilities and the coastal and marine environment.



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Fascinating interview with a member of the Eco Platform anarchist group, some of whose members are fighting on the frontlines in #Ukraine. "Mostly, we observe war only sharpening problems already existing during "peace" due to nature exploitation."

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A Militant Wire Exclusive Interview with Ukraine's Fighting Eco-Anarchists

MW's Tom Lord Speaks with Members of "Eco Platform"

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