Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region is one of the most heavily industrialised areas on Earth. With a 200 year history of coal mining and heavy industry, the conflict there has already led to widespread groundwater contamination from flooded mines, while the ongoing fighting risks triggering a chemical emergency with a number of sensitive facilities close to the line of contact. With political will, dialogue over common environmental threats could be a source of cooperation between parties.


Country brief: Ukraine

A brief introductory overview of the environmental dimensions of the conflict in Ukraine’s Donbas region, with facts, figures and further reading.


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Interesting to see that the Russian run Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in #Crimea now posts bi-monthly updates on the sulphur compound levels in Armyansk. Last summer an incident at its titanium plant exposed the town to an acid fog #Ukraine

In #Ukraine the @OSCE_SMM has facilitated and overseen a ceasefire to allow repairs to an environmentally hazardous phenol sludge reservoir near Novhorodske (pictured, image @planetlabs)

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