The fragmentation of Libya and its descent into civil war, which began following the 2011 uprisings and NATO intervention, has had as yet unquantified consequences for its environment. Islamic State has targeted oil infrastructure and urban areas have seen severe damage with governmental collapse resulting in the loss of environmental oversight and basic services.


Country brief: Libya

A brief introductory overview of the environmental dimensions of Libya’s conflict, with facts, figures and further reading.


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An armed group loyal to Haftar forced a shut down at the newly reopened Sharara oil field in #Libya this week, the 20th time production has been disrupted since 2011. Control over oil revenues continues to be central to the conflict.

Libya’s oil company says largest oil field shut down again

CAIRO (AP) - A unit affiliated with Libya's east-based forces that have been trying to capture Tripoli but are now on the retreat, ordered the country...

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