Half a century of conflict caused serious damage to the environment but in some areas prevented deforestation in what is a global biodiversity hotspot. Pollution has been caused by deliberate attacks on oil infrastructure and aerial herbicide use, and mercury emissions from gold mining are an ongoing problem. The peace agreement has created new threats to Colombia’s ecosystems as access to forest areas increased and land use changes accelerated deforestation rates. Read the Colombia briefing.


Report: Deforestation in conflict areas in 2020

Deforestation is a common problem for countries affected by conflict. In 2020, COVID-19 placed further constraints on forest management in these areas. This report reviews the latest satellite data on forest loss in seven countries, analysing the forces driving deforestation.

Country brief: Colombia

A brief introductory overview of the environmental dimensions of post-conflict Colombia, with facts, figures and further reading.


Twitter: #Colombia

It's #BiodiversityDay. With #Colombia hosting #COP16 this year, and in the hot seat for the following two years, it's a huge opportunity to push forward an agenda on #PeaceWithNature. As envisaged this covers how wars affect nature, and how #nature can contribute to peace. 1/8 🧵

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