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12+ Forgot to add, in response to states and others, the ILC dropped the use of the dated #IHL term "natural environment" instead using the term "environment" throughout. The 1970s term has been overtaken by our understanding. #PERAC

But coming 50 years after #Stockholm50, and a decade in the making, the #PERAC principles could be a hugely valuable baseline of conduct around the environment in conflict. We all have a responsibility to make sure that happens. 12/12

On remnants of war, two themes here: 1. The term toxic remnants of war is now a term in #IntLaw 2. The holistic framing used is a return to the days before remnants of war were framed solely by their explosive impact on people, important, but not the whole story. 10/12

More detail was added to the principles post-conflict assessment and assistance, we would have like the principles on relief and assistance to go further, particularly given that reparations are both very slow and very unusual. 9/12

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